Summer Detox Water

With summer in full swing we all strive to look better in a swimsuit and crave more even looking skin, but lets be honest not all of us are blessed with the perfect complexion or the will power to say no to all those fabulous backyard BBQ snacks! Well this super simple and delicious cocktail, don't get too excited there is no booze included, can help you say no to excess snacking and can rid the skin of unwanted toxins! Head to the kitchen grab your favorite cup and get to mixin!

Detox Water for Craving Control & Beautiful Skin

- 1 to 2 L of water

- 1 lemon

- 5 strawberries sliced

- 1 apple sliced

- handful of fresh mint leaves

- 1 tsp of cinnamon

- handful of ice

-Cinnamon: improves circulation, thins blood, and manages blood sugar levels. Results in fewer sugar cravings so you eat less and can control calorie intake, who doesn't need help with that!

-Apple: Rich in vitamin c, also known as absorbic acid, synthesizes collagen which can help your skin look better, amen to that! It also helps repair and maintain bones and teeth and helps heal wounds swiftly, which if this means less trips to the dentist then we can all get up and start cheering to that! An apple a day keeps the dentist away!

-Strawberries: help fight carcinogens and contains anti aging properties, such as biotin and antioxidant ellagic acid which helps prevent sagging skin! If we can avoid anything from sagging then thats a huge accomplishment! :)

-Mint: helps to improve digestion and gets rid of stomach cramps!

-Lemon: stimulates the digestive track and helps with constipation. It also just makes water taste a whole lot better!

Your Skin will Thank You and so will your body!

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